Cream Soda

Cream soda is a high-calorie sweet carbonated soft drink, often flavored with vanilla.

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Cream Soda - International Variations - Africa
... In South Africa and Zimbabwe, cream soda is sold under the label Sparletta Creme Soda, a product of the Coca-Cola company ... In South Africa, Creme Soda is often referred to as the "Green Ambulance" (predominantly by students), as it is believed to alleviate the effects of hangovers ... Creme Soda is also used as a mixer with cane spirit (an inexpensive alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented sugarcane) ...
Cream Soda (disambiguation)
... Cream soda is a vanilla-flavored soft drink ... Cream soda may also refer to The name of the first computer designed by Steve Wozniak The indie band now known as Galaxy Train See also Ice cream soda ...
List Of Soft Drinks By Country - Canada
... Once primarily known for Cott Black Cherry soda and other flavours sold under its own name ... considered an extremely rude ethnic slur.) Pop Shoppe (brand of soda available in eight flavours) President's Choice (Private label soft drinks line ... small brewery that also makes a small line of soda including Cream Soda, Ginger Beer, and Root Beer) RELOAD (energy drink) Slow Cow (an "anti-energy ...
A&W Cream Soda - Marketing
... In 1991, A W had its most popular cream soda campaign ... These images can be seen on regular A W cream soda as well as Diet A W cream soda cans ... a difference between regular A W cream soda and sparkling A W cream soda ...
Stewart's Fountain Classics - Flavors
... Cola Birch Beer Black Cherry Wishniak Cherries N' Cream Soda Cherry Cola Cream Soda Creamy Red - Discontinued prior to 2000 Ginger Beer - Discontinued as of ...

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    How wonderful to meet such a natural little girl. She knows what she wants and she asks for it. Not like these over-civilized little pets that have to go through analysis before they can choose an ice cream soda.
    John Lee Mahin (1902–1984)