Cracking of Wireless Networks

Cracking Of Wireless Networks

Wireless local-area networks – also called Wi-Fi networks or WLANs – are very popular. They are installed in offices, hotels, coffee shops, and homes. Wireless networks provide convenience, mobility, and are cheaper to realize than wired networks in many cases. The convenience, productivity gains, and cost savings of wireless networks are accompanied with a new set of vulnerabilities.

A brief account of the history of WLAN vulnerabilities is presented on pages 280-281 of the book Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit by Johnny Long and others. An extensive account of the history of WLAN vulnerabilities and how these vulnerabilities were fixed is presented on pages 181-184 and 208-211 of the book Wireless Security Handbook by Aaron E. Earle. These books are accessible in the section on practical information.

Cracking is a kind of attack that is also known as intrusion. Hacking is a general term that means to program, to fiddle with, or to be interested in something intensely. The word hacking is often used by the popular media when cracking is meant.

This article not only covers the cracking of wireless networks in detail, it also covers the subsequent cracking of all 'wireless' and 'wired' computers of a local-area network. Furthermore, it covers prevention, detection, and societal aspects.

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Cracking Of Wireless Networks - Software
... programs are included for penetration testing, such as network monitors and password crackers, but also Metasploit 3.7.0, an exploit framework ... for mobile penetration testing of Wi-Fi networks ... has a graphical user interface) EtherChange Mass WiFi WEP/WPA Key Cracking Tool Nmap Technitium MAC Address Changer ...

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