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Dell Studio - Laptops - Studio 15
... processors ranging from low end Pentium Dual Core processors up to Quad Core i7 processors ... Model Chipset Processor type Memory Video Audio codec Network card Display Physical Architecture Memory module socket Maximum memory Memory clock speed Video type Core Frequency Video controller Video. 1535 Intel Centrino processors, Pentium and Core 2 Duo ...
Microprocessor - Multicore Designs
... challenged and removed A different approach to improving a computer's performance is to add extra processors, as in symmetric multiprocessing designs, which have been popular in servers ... A multi-core processor is simply a single chip containing more than one microprocessor core ... This effectively multiplies the processor's potential performance by the number of cores (as long as the operating system and software is designed to take advantage ...
P6 (microarchitecture) - Roadmap - Successor
... On July 27, 2006, the Core microarchitecture, a distant relative of P6, was launched in form of the Core 2 processor ... Subsequently, more processors were released with the Core microarchitecture under Core 2, Xeon, Pentium and Celeron brand names ... The Core microarchitecture is Intel's final mainstream processor line to use FSB, with all later Intel processors based on Nehalem and following Intel ...
Pentium 4 - Successor
... ceased, with the exception of the dual-core Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition and the Cedar Mill-based Pentium 4 HT ... Since May 2005, Intel has released dual-core processors based on the Pentium 4 under the names Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition ... parallelism and their intent was to eventually make the bulk of their main processor line multiple-core ...
45 Nanometer - Processors Using 45 Nm Technology
... Yorkfield XE and Penryn are current Intel cores sold under the Core 2 brand ... Intel Core i7 series processors, i5 750 (Lynnfield and Clarksfield) ... Pentium Dual-Core Wolfdale-3M are current Intel mainstream dual core sold under the Pentium brand ...

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    The information links are like nerves that pervade and help to animate the human organism. The sensors and monitors are analogous to the human senses that put us in touch with the world. Data bases correspond to memory; the information processors perform the function of human reasoning and comprehension. Once the postmodern infrastructure is reasonably integrated, it will greatly exceed human intelligence in reach, acuity, capacity, and precision.
    Albert Borgman, U.S. educator, author. Crossing the Postmodern Divide, ch. 4, University of Chicago Press (1992)

    Avoiding humiliation is the core of tragedy and comedy.
    John Guare (b. 1938)