Conventional Memory

In DOS memory management, conventional memory, also called base memory, is the first 640 kilobytes (640 × 1024 bytes) of the memory on IBM PC or compatible systems. It is the read-write memory usable by the operating system and application programs. As memory prices rapidly declined, this design decision became a limitation in the use of large memory capacities until the introduction of operating systems and processors that made it irrelevant.

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Conventional Memory - DOS Extenders
... overcome with the arrival of DOS extenders, which allowed DOS applications to run in extended memory, but these were not very widely used outside the computer game area ... better if these large data components could be preloaded into megabytes of memory before playing the game rather than constantly loading the data from external storage ... Prior to DOS extenders, if a user installed additional memory and wished to use it under DOS, they would first have to install and configure drivers to support either expanded memory ...
... 'lh') is an internal MS-DOS command that is used to load a program into the upper memory area (UMA) instead of conventional memory ... The size of this memory area, known as conventional memory was fixed and independent of the amount of system memory actually installed ... Various schemes were developed to support extra memory (see also XMS, EMS and DOS extender), but conventional memory was still an issue due to compatibility issues ...
Upper Memory Area - Usage
... The next stage in the evolution of DOS was for the operating system to use upper memory blocks (UMBs) and the high memory area (HMA) ... DR DOS' built-in memory manager, EMM386.EXE, could perform most of the basic functionality of QEMM and comparable programs ... almost all of its data structures could be loaded into high memory ...
DR-DOS - History - Version 5.0
... power management system, bundled disk-caching software, and also offers vastly improved memory management ... and structures such as disk buffers can be located in the High Memory Area (HMA), the first 64 KB of extended memory which are accessible in real mode due to an ... This freed up the equivalent amount of critical "base" or conventional memory, the first 640 KB of the PC's RAM – the area in which all MS-DOS applications ...

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