Contracting Officer

A Contracting Officer (CO or KO) is a person who can bind the United States government to a contract that is greater than the Micro-Purchase threshold. This is limited to the scope of authority delegated to the Contracting Officer by the head of the agency.

In the Department of Defense the acronym KO is used, instead of CO, not to be confused with Commanding Officer. The KO enters into, administers, or terminates contracts and makes related determinations and findings. The CO is a federal employee who is appointed in writing on an Standard Form (SF) 1402, Certificate of Appointment. Subsection 414(4) of Title 41, United States Code, requires agency heads to establish and maintain a procurement career management program and a system for the selection, appointment, and termination of appointment of contracting officers. Agency heads or their designees may select and appoint contracting officers and terminate their appointments. These selections and appointments shall be consistent with Office of Federal Procurement Policy’s (OFPP) standards for skill-based training in performing contracting and purchasing duties as published in OFPP Policy Letter No. 05-01, Developing and Managing the Acquisition Workforce, April 15, 2005. Please reference acquisition link under references section below for more detailed job description.

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