• (adj): Capable of preventing conception or impregnation.
    Example: "Contraceptive devices and medications"
    Synonyms: prophylactic, antifertility
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Marthe Voegeli
... Marthe Voegeli MD (born unknown date), a Swiss physician, was a pioneer in the field of male contraceptive research ... A bath of 116˚ Fahrenheit (46.7˚ Celsius) would provide contraceptive protection for 6 months. 1950 and spent the next 20 years involved in efforts to publicise the contraceptive method which were largely ignored ...
Abortion In Japan - Contraceptive Use
... to which the unintended pregnancy rate in Japan, where oral contraceptives (OC) have not been legalized for family planning purposes and couples rely mainly on condoms, might change if more women were to use OC ... Planning were used to construct scenarios for national contraceptive use ... Annual failure rates of contraceptive methods and nonuse were applied to the contraceptive use scenarios, to obtain estimates of the annual number of ...
Gestodene - Benefits
... Gestodene is androgenically neutral, meaning that contraceptive pills containing gestodene do not exhibit the androgenic side effects (e.g ... acne, hirsutism, weight gain) often associated with second-generation contraceptive pills, such as those containing levonorgestrel ... The synthetic estrogen dosage in third-generation contraceptive pills (including those containing gestodene) is lower than that in second-generation oral contraceptives, reducing the likelihood of weight gain ...
SILCS Diaphragm
... The SILCS diaphragm is a silicone barrier contraceptive device which is inserted vaginally to cover the cervix ... USAID-supported Contraceptive Research and Development Program (CONRAD) supported product development and clinical trials ... It functions identically to a normal contraceptive diaphragm, but avoids the need for many sizes and a pelvic exam for a correct fit it is designed as a "one size fits most" device ...
Contraceptive Security
... Contraceptive security is a situation in which people are able to reliably choose, obtain, and use quality contraceptives for family planning and sexually transmitted disease (including HIV and AIDS) prevention ... work to ensure clients have long-term access to a range of high quality contraceptives and other essential health supplies ... Measures taken to provide contraceptive security may include improving contraceptive distribution and availability, promoting product quality, and supporting commodities ...

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