Constructor may refer to:

  • Constructor (object-oriented programming), object-organizing method
  • Constructor (video game), a 1997 PC game by Acclaim, the prequel of Constructor: Street Wars
  • Constructors (Formula One), person or group who builds the chassis of a car in auto racing, especially Formula One
  • Constructor (software), a software product by Graphisoft used to schedule and estimate buildings
  • Constructor Group AS, a Norwegian-based group specialising in shelving, racking and storage systems

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... programming languages the term “default constructor” refers to a constructor that is automatically generated in the absence of explicit constructors (an ... or discussion of some languages, “default constructor” may additionally refer to any constructor that may be called without arguments ... Two cases arise here either it is a nullary constructor or all of its parameters have default values ...
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... Empire Constructor was a 1,201 GRT cargo ship which was built by Nobiskrug Werft GmbH, Rendsburg ... To MoWT and renamed Empire Constructor ...
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... of move semantics the special member functions were Default constructor (if no other constructor is explicitly declared) Copy constructor Copy assignment operator Destructor ...
Method (computer Science) - Special Methods - Constructors
... A constructor is a class method that is called automatically at the beginning of an object's lifetime to initialize the object, a process called construction (o ... A language may provide a means to control whether a constructor can be called implicitly (by the compiler) or only explicitly (by the programmer) ... Constructors may have parameters but usually do not return values in most languages ...