Conrad Hubbard

Conrad Hubbard is best known as a web designer and author for White Wolf, Inc..

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List Of Exalted Publications - 2nd Edition (2006 - Present) - Print Publications
... III Oadenol's Codex (by Conrad Hubbard, Lydia Laurenson, Peter Schaefer, Dustin Shampel, and John Snead) Contains expanded information on creating new Artifacts and Manses, as well as thaumaturgy rules ... Eric Brennan, Genevieve Cogman, and Conrad Hubbard) Information on seafaring nations of Wavecrest, The Neck, Coral, and Skullstone lost cities and the ... The Manual of Exalted Power The Sidereals (by Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen, Joseph Carriker, Conrad Hubbard, Peter Schaefer, Stephen Lea Sheppard and Dean Shomshak ...
Conrad Hubbard - Web Design
... As a web designer for White Wolf, Conrad Hubbard led the production of a text-based online chat based role-playing game set in the World of Darkness, fictional New Bremen, Georgia ...

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    Th’ only way t’ entertain some folks is t’ listen t’ ‘em.
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    A man that is born falls into a dream like a man who falls into the sea. If he tries to climb out into the air as inexperienced people endeavour to do, he drowns.
    —Joseph Conrad (1857–1924)