Comparison of Layout Engines (non-standard HTML) - Deprecated HTML Elements

Deprecated HTML Elements

Element Function Supported first by Deprecated in HTML version Alternative solution Trident Gecko WebKit KHTML Presto
applet Insert an applet HotJava 4 embed, object <3.1 1.7 Yes Yes 1.0
basefont Sets font styles Internet Explorer 4 CSS <3.1 No 85 Yes
center Centers contents Netscape 4 CSS 3.1 Yes Yes
dir Directory list ? 4 ul, ol
font Applies font styles Netscape 4 CSS
isindex Adds a search field ? 4 input type="search" <3.1 1.7 312 Partial
listing Displays preformatted text IETF 2 pre, samp, code, CSS 3.1 125 3.3 Yes
menu Menu list ? 4 ul, ol Yes Yes Yes
plaintext Designates that all HTML be ignored, and to display the page as is ? 3.2 The text/plain MIME type
s Strike-through ? 4 del, CSS <3.1 1.7 1.0
strike Strike-through ? 4 del, CSS
u Underline ? 4 CSS
xmp Similar to pre and plaintext, but ignores all HTML within and displays as is ? 2 pre, samp, code <3.1 125 3.3

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