Commandant ( /ˌkɒmənˈdɑːnt/ or /ˌkɒmənˈdænt/) is a title often given to the officer in charge of a military (or other uniformed service) training establishment or academy. This usage is common in anglophone nations. In some non-English speaking countries it may be a military or police rank. It is also often used to refer to the commander of a military prison or prison camp (including Nazi concentration camps and prisoner of war camps).

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Commandant - New Zealand
... In the New Zealand Defence Force, the term commandant is used for the senior officer (or commander) of garrisonned units that do not deploy and are not operational ... and Education Directorate, an additional position of commandant was established for the Training Institute to complement the commandant of the Defence College ...
... Commandant-general is a rank in several counties and is generally equivalent to that of Commandant ...
Commandant Royal Observer Corps - Commandant's Insignia
... Air Commodore rank braid Commandant's Pennant, flown on staff car's front wing when on RAF Stations and in ROC compounds Commandant's star plate displayed on the staff car's front bumper ...
List Of United States Coast Guard Four-star Admirals - Timeline
... Waesche, who served as commandant from 1936 to 1945 and was promoted to that rank on April 4, 1945 ... His successor as commandant, John Farley, also inherited the rank of admiral ... After Farley retired on December 31, 1949, the commandant's rank was reduced to vice admiral, although Farley's successor, Merlin O'Neill, was promoted to full admiral upon retirement in recognition of combat ...
Last Orgy Of The Third Reich - Plot
... The film begins with a man named Conrad von Starke (Adriano Micantoni) the Commandant driving down a road, listening to a war crimes trial on the radio ... It is revealed that Lise is a former prisoner of the camp and the commandant has arranged to meet her several years after World War II, to thank her for testimony she ... Lise and the Commandant make love ...

Famous quotes containing the word commandant:

    What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.
    Donn Pearce, U.S. writer, and Stuart Rosenberg. Camp commandant (Strother Martin)