Color Encoding

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Serial Digital Interface - Video Payload and Blanking - Color Encoding - Other Color Encodings
... The dual-link and 3 Gbit/s interfaces additionally support other color encodings besides 422 YCbCr, namely 422 and 444 YCbCr, with an optional alpha (used for chroma keying) or data (used for non-video ... If an RGB encoding is used, the three primaries are all encoded in the same fashion as the Y channel a value of 64 (40 hex) corresponds to 0 mV, and 940 (3AC hex) corresponds to 700 mV ...
Analogue Television Synchronization - Development - Standards
... television systems encode their signal using NTSC, PAL or SECAM analog encoding and then use RF modulation to modulate this signal onto a Very high frequency (VHF) or Ultra high frequency (UHF) carrier ... were black-and-white The beginning of color television was in the 1950s ... needs to take luminance, chrominance (in a color system), synchronization (horizontal and vertical), and audio signals, and broadcast them over a radio transmission ...

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