Coarse may refer to:

  • Bosnian Coarse-Haired Hound, developed by 19th century Bosnian hunters as a scent hound.
  • Coarse bubble diffusers, produce 1/4 to 1/2 inch bubbles which rise rapidly from the floor of a wastewater treatment plant or sewage treatment plant tank.
  • Coarse fishing, an angling method, mostly popular throughout Europe.
  • Coarse sandpaper, a form of paper where an abrasive material has been fixed to its surface, allowing rapid removal of material by rubbing.
  • Coarse structure, on a set X is a collection of subsets of the cartesian product X × X with certain. properties which allow the large-scale structure of metric spaces and topological spaces to be defined. Used in the mathematical fields of geometry and topology.
  • Coarse woody debris (CWD), a term used for the dead trees left standing or fallen, including branches on the ground.
  • Styrian Coarse Haired Hound, a rough coated, hardy hunting dog used by Austrians and Slovenians to hunt Wild Boar.
  • Granularity
  • Coarse books, a British series of humorous books on sports and pursuits by Michael Green or Spike Hughes, e.g. The Art of Coarse Rugby

Other articles related to "coarse":

The Art Of Coarse Rugby
... The Art of Coarse Rugby is a 1960 humorous book on amateur rugby by British journalist Michael Green ... union, he was commissioned to write The Art of Coarse Rugby by Hutchinson to go with a republication of The Art of Coarse Cricket by Spike Hughes, who had intended the title as a play on Coarse Fishing ... Green describes a coarse rugby player as differentiated from the rugger player in that he does not enjoy playing, but instead plays for any one of a number of other reasons ...
... A specific version of BDDC is characterized by the choice of coarse degrees of freedom, which can be values at the corners of the subdomains, or averages over the edges or the faces of the interface between the ... of local problems on each subdomains with the solution of a global coarse problem with the coarse degrees of freedom as the unknowns ... With a proper choice of the coarse degrees of freedom (corners in 2D, corners plus edges or corners plus faces in 3D) and with regular subdomain shapes, the condition number of the method is bounded when ...
Coarse Facial Features
... Coarse facial features or "'coarse facies"' describes a constellation of facial features that are present in many inborn errors of metabolism ...
Coarse Space
... In mathematics, coarse space may refer to Coarse structure, a family of sets in geometry and topology to measure large-scale properties of a space Coarse space (numerical analysis), a reduced representation ...

Famous quotes containing the word coarse:

    Worldly faces never look so worldly as at a funeral. They have the same effect of grating incongruity as the sound of a coarse voice breaking the solemn silence of night.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)

    It is not only the prisoners who grow coarse and hardened from corporeal punishment, but those as well who perpetrate the act or are present to witness it.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)

    The difference between human vision and the image perceived by the faceted eye of an insect may be compared with the difference between a half-tone block made with the very finest screen and the corresponding picture as represented by the very coarse screening used in common newspaper pictorial reproduction. The same comparison holds good between the way Gogol saw things and the way average readers and average writers see things.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)