Clitoral Body

The clitoral body corpus clitoridis is an internal portion of the clitoris. It is attached to the clitoral glans, which is external. After several inches into the body, it then splits into the clitoral crura, which are also internal and are "V" shaped.

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Clitoris - Anatomy and Structure - General Structure
... It consists of the glans (head), the clitoral body or shaft (with the shaft being external and internal), the clitoral hood (which covers the glans and external shaft ... The two coporas forming the clitoral body are surrounded by thick fibro-elastic tunica albuginea (literally meaning "white covering," connective tissue) ... Clitoral hood (prepuce) 2 ...
Clitoral Body - Physiology
... Loving, during the excitement stage the body (shaft) of the clitoris begins to fill with blood and increase in size ... As the female reaches maximum arousal (plateau phase), the body continues to fill with blood causing the clitoris to become erect ...

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