Cima Dome & Volcanic Field National Natural Landmark - Cima Volcanic Field and Range

Cima Volcanic Field and Range

The Cima Volcanic Field and Cima Volcanic Range includes 40 volcanic cinder cone vents, and extensive basaltic lava flows in a volcanic field covering more than 58 sq mi (150 km2) of the Mojave Desert. It ranges from 2,132 to 4,950 feet (650 to 1,509 m) in elevation. These cinder cones range in size from 82 to 508 ft (25 to 155 m) in height above the volcanic plain and from 656 to 3,018 ft (200 to 920 m) in base diameters. Over 30 of these cinder cones and associated lava flows, are Pleistocene in age and are located in the southern portion of the volcanic field, with the rest from the Quaternary age.

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