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History Of Ybor City - Establishment - Company Town
... Cigar making was not just a job to the tabaqueros (literally, “tobacco workers”) ... The ‘’torcedores’’ who rolled the finished cigars, especially, thought of themselves as “more of an artist than a worker.” The trade was closely regulated ... a population of about 3,000 and no resident cigar workers ...

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    In former times and in less complex societies, children could find their way into the adult world by watching workers and perhaps giving them a hand; by lingering at the general store long enough to chat with, and overhear conversations of, adults...; by sharing and participating in the tasks of family and community that were necessary to survival. They were in, and of, the adult world while yet sensing themselves apart as children.
    Dorothy H. Cohen (20th century)

    You should hurry up ... and acquire the cigar habit. It’s one of the major happinesses. And so much more lasting than love, so much less costly in emotional wear and tear.
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)