Chris Frazier

Christopher Ridgeway Frazier (born 7 September 1967 in Bethesda, Maryland, United States) is a musician who has been a world-class drummer, and known in the professional ranks since he started recording and touring with guitar virtuoso Steve Vai from 1985 thru 2001. Chris was the touring drummer with classic rock icon, Eddie Money from 2003 thru 2006, when he was approached to become the drummer of veteran rock band Whitesnake.

Frazier was called up by David Coverdale in May 2006, Coverdale took an instant liking to him. Frazier had done work extensive with Whitesnakes guitar player, Doug Aldrich in the past. Chris was with Whitesnake through December, 2010.

Before Whitesnake, Frazier worked with Eddie Money (2003–06), Edgar Winter and TMG (Tak Matsumoto Group), which featured Jack Blades and Eric Martin as well. Chris had worked with Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich on his solo albums, and with guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.

Chris is currently the drummer for the iconic band Foreigner, having joined in September 2012.

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