Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE: CMG) ( /tʃɨˈpoʊtleɪ/ chi-POHT-lay), is a chain of restaurants located in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, specializing in burritos and tacos. Its name derives from chipotle, the Mexican Spanish name for a smoked and dried jalapeño chili pepper.

The restaurant is known for its large burritos, assembly-line production, and use of natural ingredients. The company has released a mission statement called Food with Integrity, which highlights its efforts in using organic ingredients, and serves more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant chain. Chipotle is one of the first chains of fast casual dining establishments.

Founded by Steve Ells in 1993, Chipotle had 16 restaurants (all in Colorado) when McDonald's Corporation became a major investor in 1998. By the time McDonald's fully divested itself from Chipotle in 2006, the chain had grown to over 500 locations.

With more than 1200 locations in 43 states, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Ontario, England and France, the chain had net income in 2011 of US$215 million and a staff of 30,940 employees.

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