Chief of The Military Staff of The President of The Republic - Heads of The President's Military Household (1879-1940)

Heads of The President's Military Household (1879-1940)

The President's 'military household' (maison militaire) was formed by president Mac-Mahon but not insititutionalised until 1880. This group of officers advised the president on army matters, especially (under the French Third Republic) matters of ceremony. Such an allocation was useful since it allowed its officers to nourish political contacts in Paris who could aid their army careers.

  • 1879-1886 : général de division François Pittié
  • 1886-1892 : général de brigade, then de division Henri Brugère
  • 1892-1894 : général de brigade, then de division Léon Borius
  • 1894-1895 : général de brigade Ulysse Berruyer
  • 1895-1897 : général de brigade Charles Tournier
  • 1897-1898 : général de brigade Alexis Hagron
  • 1898-1900 : général de brigade Maurice Bailloud
  • 1900-1906 : général de brigade, then de division Émile Dubois
  • 1906-1907 : colonel Charles Ebener
  • 1908-1911 : capitaine de vaisseau Alexandre Laugier
  • 1911-1913 : capitaine de vaisseau Marcel Grandclément
  • 1913-1914 : général de division Antoine Beaudemoulin
  • 1919-1920 : général de division Jean-Baptiste Pénelon
  • 1920-1924 : général de division Henri Lasson
  • 1931-1940 : général de corps d'armée Joseph Braconnier

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