Chappell may refer to:


  • Chappell, Nebraska
  • Chappell (crater) on the moon
  • Mount Chappell Island, Tasmania, Australia
  • North West Mount Chappell Islet, Tasmania, Australia


  • The Chappell family of Australian cricketers:
    • Ian Chappell, batsman and captain
    • Greg Chappell, batsman and captain
    • Trevor Chappell, bowler
  • Christopher Chappell, Canadian cricketer
  • Crystal Chappell, American soap opera star
  • Derek Chappell, British businessman
  • Eric Chappell, British TV writer
  • Ernest Chappell, American broadcaster
  • Frederick Chappell, English footballer
  • Lisa Chappell, New Zealand actress
  • Jan Chappell, British actress
  • John Chappell (captain), captain of the Speedwell, sister ship to the Mayflower
  • John J. Chappell, U.S. Representative from South Carolina
  • John Chappell (actor), American actor
  • Richard Chappell, MP for Grampound
  • Samuel Chappell, co-founder of Chappell & Co.
  • Steve Chappell, American aerospace engineer and mountain climber
  • Tom Chappell, British music publisher of Chappell & Co.
  • Tom Chappell, American business man and manufacturer
  • Urso Chappell, American graphic designer and world's fair historian
  • Warren Chappell, American author, illustrator and book designer
  • William Chappell (bishop), English scholar and clergyman
  • William Chappell (writer), English publisher and writer on music
  • William V. Chappell, Jr., U.S. Representative from Florida
  • Chappell of Bond Street, historic London music retailer


  • Chappell & Co., English music publisher and piano manufacturer

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... The Chappell ballad concerts were being managed by William Boosey in 1902, when the hall was owned by a private company ... Chappell, chairman of Chappell's he turned down a good offer to buy the hall because Boosey felt strongly about its old connection with the Saturday and Monday 'Pops' and the Chappell ballad concerts ... But Chappell died in June 1902, and the other shareholders accepted a new offer without consulting Boosey, who was badly put out ...
St James's Hall - Readings By Charles Dickens
... He had settled with his tour managers, Chappell Co ... Attendees would receive printed programs and Chappell's advertisements included the following statement It is scarcely necessary for Messrs ... CHAPPELL and Co ...
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... Chappell of Bond Street (aka Chappell's) is a piano, musical instrument, musical equipment and sheet music retail store in Wardour Street, Soho, London ...
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... La Verne Ashford “Larry” Chappell (February 19, 1890 in McClusky, Illinois – November 8, 1918 in San Francisco, California) was a professional ... On February 14, 1916, Chappell was sent to the Indians as the player to be named later to complete a trade that originally occurred August 21, 1915 ... In all, the Indians received Chappell, Braggo Roth, Ed Klepfer and $31,500 ...