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Agudath Israel

Eiss was a founding member of Agudath Israel and one of its main activists. He operated mainly behind the scenes and every proposal that was brought to the presidium for ratification was first presented to him.

During the First World War, Eiss set up a large aid system that located refugees, found out what they most needed and raised the required funds.

Eiss was entrusted by the leading Rabbis of the time with the directorship of all Switzerland-based Agudath Israel funds. These included the Orphan Aid Fund, the Land of Israel Yeshiva Fund and the Polish and Lithuanian Yeshiva Fund {}. He received contributions from all over the world, and transferred the money to the recipients.

Eiss was a writer and published the Agudath Israel publication Haderech. He wrote all the articles himself and was personally responsible for printing and distributing the paper. Template:Http:// .He was also a regular contributor to the then Agudath Israel weekly Kol Yisrael,printed in Jerusalem, and used it to make his opinions known to the population of Eretz Israel.

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Agudath Israel

Agudath Israel can refer to any of several related organizations, including:

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