CEU may refer to:

  • Continuing education units in the United States
  • Central European University in Budapest, Hungary
  • College of Eastern Utah
  • Centro Escolar University in the Philippines
  • Centro de Estudios Universitarios in Spain
  • Céu, a Brazilian indie singer-songwriter
  • Choquet expected utility as a theory of choice under ambiguity
  • The Constructional Engineering Union, a defunct British Trade Union now part of the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union.
  • Cost Equivalent Unit as a means to measure container volumes based on monetary value.

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Centro Escolar University - Schools, Colleges and Academic Programs - School of Science and Technology - School Organization
... The CEU PsySoc is an organization exclusive to Psychology major students of Centro Escolar University aims to foster camarederie among its members ... It works with the Counseling and Testing Center regarding peer facilitating and other relevant guidance services. ...
Centro Escolar University
... The university offers programs in the Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Allied Medicine ... CEU also has Dentistry and Pharmacy programs ...