A cartwheel is a part of a cart. It may also mean:

  • Cartwheel (gymnastics), an acrobatic maneuver
  • Cartwheel Galaxy
  • Cart-wheel hat, worn by women
  • Slang term for a silver dollar coin (United States)
  • Nickname for some Hanoverian-era British coins

Other articles related to "cartwheel":

List Of Capoeira Techniques - Movement - Aú
... term for what is more generally called a cartwheel ... It differs a bit from the traditional cartwheel ... Aú batido literally means "broken cartwheel" ...
Operation Cartwheel
... Operation Cartwheel (1943–1944) was a major military strategy for the Allies in the Pacific theater of World War II ... Cartwheel was a twin-axis of advance operation, aimed at militarily neutralizing the major Japanese base at Rabaul ...
Cartwheel Galaxy - X-ray Sources
... The unusual shape of the Cartwheel Galaxy may be due to a collision with a smaller galaxy such as those in the lower left of the image ... due to compression waves) has lit up the Cartwheel rim, which has a diameter larger than the Milky Way ... Star formation via starburst galaxies, such as the Cartwheel Galaxy, results in the formation of large and extremely luminous stars ...
Cartwheel (gymnastics) - Cartwheel Progressions
... Chasse cartwheel the gymnast will perform some side step gallops before entering into the cartwheel ... Cartwheel, 1/2 turn, Cartwheel the gymnast will perform a cartwheel, then after landing in the proper lunge position they will turn their body to face the direction that they are ... Then they will perform another cartwheel One handed cartwheel (close handed) The gymnast will perform a cartwheel, but will only place the first hand on the ground ...