Carmine Alfieri

Carmine Alfieri (born February 18, 1943) is an Italian Camorra boss, who rose from Piazzolla di Nola to become one of the most powerful members of Neapolitan Camorra in the 1980s. As boss of the Alfieri clan, he was the undisputed head of the Camorra from 1984 until his arrest in 1992. Alfieri's nickname is 'o 'ntufato, the angry one, thanks to the dissatisfied, angry sneer he wears constantly.

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Carmine Alfieri - Biography - Arrest and Turncoat
... Alfieri, one of the most wanted men in Italy, was arrested in his pyjamas by Italian police on September 11, 1992, together with Vincenzo Cesarano and Marzio Sepe ... At the time of his arrest, Alfieri’s personal assets were estimated at US$1.2 billion, making him the richest criminal in Italy ... In March 1994, like his former lieutenant Pasquale Galasso who preceded him, Alfieri became a pentito ...
Nuova Camorra Organizzata - History - Cirillo Kidnapping
... The NF, under Carmine Alfieri refused to act, preferring to having nothing to do with the whole affair because he didn't want to be used by the politicians ... release, as a result of the negotiations by Cutolo and the NCO, raised the spectre for Alfieri and the NF that the NCO had reinforced their association with Gava and his faction by this ... turned and provided their support to his main rival Carmine Alfieri ...