Carl Ludwig Kirschbaum

Carl Ludwig Kirschbaum (31 January 1812, Usingen, Duchy of Nassau – 3 March 1880) was a German entomologist, Professor of Biology and Museum Director. Kirschbaum specialised in Auchenorrhyncha. He wrote Die Cicadinen der Gegend von Wiesbaden und Frankfurt a. M. nebst einer Anzahl neuer oder schwer zu unterscheidender Arten aus anderen Gegenden Europas (Jahrbücher des Nassauischen Vereins für Naturkunde 21: 1-202, 1868) and many other entomological works.

His collection is in the Weisebaden Natural History Museum. It contains his own material from Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, but also an extensive material brought to him by Carl von Heyden (mainly from various parts of southern Germany and Switzerland) and Philipp Christoph Zeller (mainly from Sicily). Smaller numbers of specimens were sent to him by Carl August Dohrn (Jena), Arnold Förster (Aachen), Fuchs (W.) (Berlin), Gustav Mayr (Wien), Wilhelm Mink (Crefeld), Hermann Rudolph Schaum(Berlin), Adolph Schenck (Weilburg), Carl Stål (Stockholm) and Peter Friedrich Ludwig Tischbein (Birkenfeld). Altogether, the collection includes 5000 individuals, 333 of which are types published in Die Cicadinen ... . This monograph describes 371 species, 172 new to science.

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