Carinthian Slovenes

Carinthian Slovenes (Slovene: Koroški Slovenci; German: Kärntner Slowenen; Austro-Bavarian: Kärntna Slowénen) are the Slovene-speaking population group in the Austrian State of Carinthia. The Carinthian Slovenes send representatives to the National Ethnic Groups Advisory Council. The status of the minority group is guaranteed in principle constitutionally and under international law.

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Carinthian Slovenes - Area of Settlement and Proportion of The Population
10-20% 20-30% >30% At the end of the 19th century, the Carinthian Slovenes comprised approximately one quarter to one third of the total population of ... The municipalities with the highest proportion of Carinthian Slovenes are Zell (89%), Globasnitz (42%), and Eisenkappel-Vellach (38%), according to the 2001 special census which inquired about the mother ... The actual number of Carinthian Slovenes is disputed, as both the representatives of Slovene organizations and the representatives of Carinthian traditional organizations describe the census ...
Carinthian Slovenes - Notable Carinthian Slovenians - Personalities of Carinthian Slovene Ancestry
... Bogo Grafenauer - Slovenian historian (1915–1995 Carinthian Slovene parents) Peter Handke – writer (b. 1942 Carinthian Slovene mother) Ciril Kotnik - Yugoslav diplomat, antifascist hero (1895–1948 Carinthian Slovene parents) Julius Kugy - Italo-Slovenian alpinist and writer (1858–1944 Carinthian Slovene. 1956 Carinthian Slovene grandfather) Kurt Schuschnigg - Austrian chancellor (1897–1977 Carinthian Slovene grandfather) Walter Veltroni - Mayor of Rome (b ...