Canonical Hours

Canonical hours are divisions of time which serve as increments between the prescribed prayers of the daily round. A Book of Hours contains such a set of prayers.

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Liturgy Of The Hours - Canonical Hours - Liturgy of The Hours of Paul VI - Minor Hours
... The daytime hours follow a simpler format, like a very compact form of the Office of Readings opening versicle a hymn three short psalms, or, three pieces of longer psalms in the daytime ...
Antiphonary - Content
... (Vesperale), contained the antiphons, psalms, hymns and versicles of the Canonical Hours styled Horæ Diurnæ, i ... all the texts used in the Divine Office or Canonical Hours ... in a compendious form "for the large number of churches in which the Canonical Hours of the Divine Office are sung only on Sundays and Festivals" ...
Liturgy Of The Hours - Historical Development - Judaism and The Early Church
... As is noted above, the canonical hours stemmed from Jewish prayer ... synagogues were established, and the services (at fixed hours of the day) of Torah readings, psalms, and hymns began to evolve ... business day at about six o'clock in the morning (Prime, the "first hour"), noted the day's progress by striking again at about nine o'clock in the morning (Terce, the "thi ...
Canonical Hours - Reformed and Lutheran Usage
... The New Century Psalter, published in 1999 by The Pilgrim Press, includes an inclusive-language revision of the psalms adapted from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible with refrains and complete orders for Morning and Evening Prayer ... Simple family prayers for morning, evening and the close of day are also provided ...
Early Mechanical Clocks - A New Mechanism
... They would have announced the canonical hours or intervals between set times of prayer ... Canonical hours varied in length as the times of sunrise and sunset shifted ... or hands, and would have shown the time in various time systems, including Italian hours, canonical hours, and time as measured by astronomers at the time ...

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    If God bestowed immortality on every man then when he made him, and he made many to whom he never purposed to give his saving grace, what did his Lordship think that God gave any man immortality with purpose only to make him capable of immortal torments? It is a hard saying, and I think cannot piously be believed. I am sure it can never be proved by the canonical Scripture.
    Thomas Hobbes (1579–1688)