Business Cycle Theory

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History Of Economic Thought - Contemporary Economic Thought - Macroeconomics Since The Bretton Woods Era
... macroeconomics formed the starting point for a number of trends in macroeconomic theory opposed to the idea that government intervention can or should stabilise the economy ... Keynesian thought for its inconsistency with microeconomic theory ... for new classical economics is the real business cycle theory, which sought to explain observed fluctuations in output and employment in terms of real variables such as changes in technology and tastes ...
Austrian Business Cycle Theory
... The Austrian business cycle theory (or ABCT) is an economic theory held by the Austrian School of economics concerning how business cycles occur ... The theory views business cycles as the inevitable consequence of excessive growth in bank credit, exacerbated by inherently damaging and ineffective central bank policies, which cause ... The Austrian business cycle theory originated in the work of Austrian School economists Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek ...
Austrian Business Cycle Theory - Criticisms - Theoretical Objections
... Some economists argue that the Austrian business cycle theory requires bankers and investors to exhibit a kind of irrationality, because their theory requires bankers to be regularly ... and investors are familiar enough with the Austrian business cycle theory to consistently make sound investment decisions ... because the consequence of a single entity deviating would be a loss of business ...
Business Cycle Theory - Countercyclical
... For example, this could be a business, or a financial instrument whose value is derived from a business, that sells an inferior good ...

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    BOSWELL. But what do you think of supporting a cause which you know to be bad? JOHNSON. “Sir, you do not know it to be good or bad till the Judge determines it.... It is his business to judge; and you are not to be confident in your own opinion that the cause is bad, but to say all you can for your client, and then hear the Judge’s opinion.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)

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