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Under investigation from animal welfare organization Humane Society of the United States, Burlington Coat Factory has been accused of labeling real fur products as "faux fur". The company agreed to pull the false advertisements after an undercover investigation revealed "faux fur" as actually made from the pelts of animals killed in China. Burlington Coat Factory's coats have also been found to contain dog pelts.

Burlington Coat Factory's logo is often supplemented with the tag "Not Affiliated with Burlington Industries." When Burlington Coat Factory settled a trademark dispute with fabric maker Burlington Industries in 1981, Burlington Coat Factory agreed to say in advertising that the two companies are not affiliated. Even though Burlington Industries ceased operations in 2004, it would be five years before the "not affiliated" disclaimer would disappear from TV commercials; it still appears in print media today. As of 2009, the sub heading has been removed from all logos used by the company.

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