Bullet - Bullet Abbreviations

Bullet Abbreviations

2F – 2-part Controlled Fragmenting
ACC – Remington Accelerator (see sabot)
ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol
AE – Action Express
AGS – African Grand Slam (Speer)
APArmor Piercing (has a steel or other hard metal core)
APT – Armor-piercing tracer
API – Armor-piercing incendiary
APFSDS – Armor-piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot round
B – Ball
B2F – Brass 2-part Fragmenting
BBWC – Bevel Base Wadcutter
BEB – Brass Enclosed Base
BJHP – Brass Jacketed Hollow Point
Blitz – Sierra BlitzKing
BMG – Browning Machine Gun
BrPT – Bronze Point
Bt – Boat-tail
BtHP – Boat-tail Hollow Point
C2F – Civilian 2-part Fragmenting
CB – Cast Bullet
CL, C-L – Remington Core-Lokt
CN – Cupronicknel
CNCS – Cupronickel-Clad Steel
CTFB – Closed Tip Flat Base
DBBWC – Double bevel based wadcutter
DEWC – Double Ended Wadcutter
DGS – Dangerous Game Solid (Hornady)
DGX – Dangerous Game Expanding (Hornady)
DU – Depleted Uranium
EVO, FTX – Hornady LEVERevolution Flex Tip eXpanding
EVO – RWS Evolution bullet
FMC – Full Metal Case
FMJ – Full Metal Jacket
FMJBT – Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail
FN – Dangerous Game Solid Bullets Flat Nose
FNEB – Flat Nose Enclosed Base
FPFlat Point
FP – Full Patch
FST – Winchester Fail Safe Talon
GAP (G.A.P.) – Glock Automatic Pistol
GC – Gas Check
GD – Speer Gold Dot
GDHP – Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point
GM – Gilding Metal
GMCS – Gilding Metal-Clad Steel
GS – Remington Golden Saber
GSC – GS Custom Turned Copper Bullets
HBWC – Hollow Base Wadcutter
HC – Hard Cast
HE-IT – High Explosive Incendiary Tracer
HP – Hollow Point
HPBT – Hollow Point Boat Tail
HPJ – High Performance Jacketed
HS – Federal Hydra-Shok
HST – Federal Hi-Shok Two
HV – Low friction Drive Band Bullets High Velocity
ID-Classic – RWS fragmentation bullet, ex-TIG after Brenneke-license was not renewed.
I-T – Incendiary-Tracer
'IB – Interbond (Hornady)
J – Jacketed
JAP – Jacketed Aluminium Point
JFP – Jacketed Flat Point
JHC – Jacketed Hollow Cavity
JHP – Jacketed Hollow Point
JHP/sabot – Jacketed Hollow Point/sabot
JSP – Jacketed Soft Point
L-C – Lead Combat
L-T – Lead Target
LFN – Long Flat Nose
LFP – Lead Flat Point
LHP – Lead Hollow Point
LRN – Lead Round Nose
LSWC – Lead Semiwadcutter
LSWC-GC – Lead Semiwadcutter Gas Checked
LWC – Lead Wadcutter
LTC – Lead Truncated Cone
MC – Metal Cased
MHP – Match Hollow Point
MK – Sierra MatchKing
MRWC – Mid-Range Wadcutter
MP – Metal Point (only the tip of the bullet is covered)
NP – Nosler Partition
OTM – Open Tip Match
OWC – Ogival Wadcutter
P – Pracitce, proof
PB – Lead Bullet
PB – Parabellum
PL – Remington Power-Lokt
PnPT – Pneumatic Point
PPL – Paper patched lead
PSP – Plated Soft Point
PSP, PTDSP – Pointed Soft Point
RN – Round Nose
RNFP – Round Nose Flat Point
RNL – Round Nosed Lead
SJ – Semi-Jacketed
SJHP – Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
SJSP – Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
SP – Soft Point
SP – Spire Point
Sp, SPTZ – Spitzer
SPC – Special Purpose Cartridge
SpHP – Spitzer Hollow Point
SST – Hornady Super Shock Tip
SSp – Semi-Spitzer
ST – Silver Tip
STHP – Silver Tip Hollow Point
SWC – Semiwadcutter
SX – Super Explosive
SXT – Winchester Ranger Supreme Expansion Technology
T – Tracer
TAG – Brenneke lead-free bullet (German: Torpedo Alternativ-Geschoß)
TBBC – Carter/Speer Trophy Bonded Bear Claw soft point
TBSS – Carter/Speer Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid
TC – Truncated Cone
THV – Terminal High Velocity
TIG – Brenneke fragmentation bullet (German: Torpedo Ideal-Geschoß)
TMJ – Total Metal Jacket
TNT – Speer TNT
TUG – Brenneke deformation bullet (German: Torpedo Universal-Geschoß)
TOG – Brenneke deformation bullet (German: Torpedo Optimal-Geschoß)
UmbPT – Umbrella Point
UNI-Classic – RWS deformation bullet, ex-TUG after Brenneke-license was not renewed.
VMAX – Hornady V-Max
VLD – Very Low Drag
WC – Wadcutter
WFN – Wide Flat Nose
WFNGC – Wide Flat Nose Gas Check
WLN – Wide Long Nose
X – Barnes X-Bullet
XTP – Hornady Extreme Terminal Performance

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