Bringing Up Baby - Cast


  • Katharine Hepburn as Susan Vance
  • Cary Grant as Dr. David Huxley (alias Mr. Bone)
  • Charles Ruggles as Maj. Horace Applegate, a big game hunter
  • Walter Catlett as Constable Slocum
  • Barry Fitzgerald as Aloysius Gogarty, Elizabeth Random's gardener
  • May Robson as Elizabeth Random, Susan's aunt
  • Fritz Feld as Dr. Fritz Lehman
  • Leona Roberts as Mrs. Hannah Gogarty, wife of Aloysius
  • George Irving as Dr. Alexander Peabody, Mrs. Random's lawyer
  • Tala Birell as Mrs. Lehman, Dr. Lehman's wife
  • Virginia Walker as Alice Swallow, David's fiancĂ©e
  • John Kelly as Elmer
  • Skippy as George, a dog
  • Nissa as both Baby and the circus leopard
  • Ward Bond as Motorcycle cop at jail (uncredited)
  • Jack Carson as Circus roustabout (uncredited)

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