Body Modification

Body modification (or body alteration) is the deliberate altering of the human body for any non-medical reason, such as aesthetics, sexual enhancement, a rite of passage, religious reasons, to display group membership or affiliation, to create body art, shock value, or self-expression. In its most broad definition it includes plastic surgery, socially acceptable decoration (e.g., common ear piercing in many societies), and religious rites of passage (e.g., circumcision in a number of cultures), as well as the modern primitive movement.

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... and innovations are adopted by the body modification community ... and QR codes are bridging the disconnect between technology and the body ... Hypothetical technologies such as digital tattoo interfaces would blend body modification aesthetics with interactivity and functionality, bringing transhumanist discourse into present day reality ...
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... The removal of deciduous canine tooth buds in early childhood is a practice that has been documented in the Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania ... There exists a strong belief among the Maasai that diarrhoea, vomiting and other febrile illnesses of early childhood are caused by the gingival swelling over the canine region, which is thought to contain 'worms' or 'nylon' teeth ...
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... of implants, as with any other kind of body modification, there are associated health risks ... is similar to plastic surgery, making it more extreme and dangerous than many other kinds of body modification ... Any time that the human body is opened, it must be performed in a sterile environment, in order to prevent infection ...
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... of the modern primitive movement, having exposed himself to body piercing, tightlacing, scarification, tattooing and suspension Rick Genest, has had his entire head and torso tattooed so as to appear like ... Lizardman"), with sharpened teeth, full-body tattoo of green scales, bifurcated tongue, and recently, green-inked lips The Scary Guy, his nose, eyebrows and ears are pierced and ...

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