Blind Men

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Miracles Attributed To Jesus - Types and Motives - Cures - The Blind
... report four separate cases of Jesus healing the blind ... Mark is the only place that tells of Jesus healing the Blind man in Bethsaida ... of the three synoptic gospels tell of Jesus healing the blind near Jericho, as he passed through that town, shortly before his passion ...
Community Of Inquiry - A Useful Metaphor
... The Buddhist parable of the 'blind men and the elephant' offers a colorful way to make sense of the notion of the community of inquiry ... The tale finds many blind men fumbling about an elephant, each trying to discover what it is they are touching ... If the blind men only cooperated, forming a community whose goal is inquiry into the strange multifaceted object, they may begin to overcome the ...

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    Few men have been admired of their familiars.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    ... one of the blind spots of most Negroes is their failure to realize that small overtures from whites have a large significance ... I now realize that this feeling inevitably takes possession of one in the bitter struggle for equality. Indeed, I share it. Yet I wonder how we can expect total acceptance to step full grown from the womb of prejudice, with no embryo or infancy or childhood stages.
    Sarah Patton Boyle, U.S. civil rights activist and author. The Desegregated Heart, part 1, ch. 10 (1962)