Black Rod

The Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, generally shortened to just Black Rod, is an official in the parliaments of several Commonwealth countries. The position originates in the House of Lords of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. His equivalent in the House of Commons is the Serjeant at Arms.

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Dennis Skinner - Union and Political Career - Queen's Speech Jokes
... He does this upon the arrival of Black Rod (the symbol of royal authority in the House of Lords) to summon MPs to hear the Queen's speech in the Lords' chamber ... sources, are listed as follows In 1980, he and other Labour MP's blocked the entrance of Black Rod who was attempting to summon the Commons for the prorogation of Parliament ... Puss In Boots!" In 1989, he mockingly stated "It's a good outfit!" to Black Rod ...
Michael Willcocks - Black Rod
... Willcocks was appointed Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod on 9 May 2001 ... Skinner, MP, who was famous for interrupting Black Rod with a traditional "Queen's Speech Joke", asked, "any Tory moles at the Palace?" ... In a mild but highly memorable breach of protocol, Black Rod responded (interruptions are supposed to be ignored) "I shall miss you, Dennis", receiving laughter from other MPs ...
Brian Horrocks - Post-war Career
... In 1949 he was appointed Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, a post traditionally held by retired officers, this appointment was confirmed on the ... The Black Rod has the responsibility of supervising the administration of the House of Lords, controlling admission to it, and taking part in ceremonies ... On other occasions, because the Black Rod had to remain in place during long debates, Horrocks relieved his boredom by completing football pools tickets ...
Parliament Of England - History - Rebellion and Revolution
... then raises his wand of office to signal to the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, who has been waiting in the central lobby ... Black Rod turns and, escorted by the doorkeeper of the House of Lords and an inspector of police, approaches the doors to the chamber of the Commons ... He then strikes three times with his staff (the Black Rod), and he is admitted ...

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