Biodiversity Informatics - Current Biodiversity Informatics Activities

Current Biodiversity Informatics Activities

At the 2009 e-Biosphere conference in the U.K., contributions (e.g. as posters) were grouped into the following themes, which is indicative of a broad range of current Biodiversity Informatics activities and how they might be categorized:

  • Application: Conservation / Agriculture / Fisheries / Industry / Forestry
  • Application: Invasive Alien Species
  • Application: Systematic and Evolutionary Biology
  • Application: Taxonomy and Identification Systems
  • New Tools, Services and Standards for Data Management and Access
    • New Modeling Tools
    • New Tools for Data Integration
    • New Approaches to Biodiversity Infrastructure
    • New Approaches to Species Identification
    • New Approaches to Mapping Biodiversity
  • National and Regional Biodiversity Databases and Networks

A post-conference workshop of key persons with current significant Biodiversity Informatics roles also resulted in a Workshop Resolution that stressed, among other aspects, the need to create durable, global registries for the resources that are basic to biodiversity informatics (e.g., repositories, collections); complete the construction of a solid taxonomic infrastructure; and create ontologies for biodiversity data.

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