• (adj): Of or relating to or being a speech sound that is articulated using both lips.
    Example: "Bilabial fricatives"
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Types of Labialization
... lips (found in Navajo) Labiodental frication, found in Abkhaz Bilabial frication, found in Ubykh Bilabial trill, found in Ubykh Bilabial plosion, found in Ubykh "Labialization" (/w/, /ɡʷ/, and /kʷ/) without ...
Bilabial Consonants
... In phonetics, a bilabial consonant is a consonant articulated with both lips ... The bilabial consonants identified by the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) are IPA Description Example Language Orthography IPA Meaning bilabial nasal English man man voiceless. 0.7% of the world's languages lack bilabial consonants altogether these include Tlingit, Chipewyan, Oneida, and Wichita ...
Bilabial Trill
... The bilabial trill is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages ... In many of the languages where the bilabial trill occurs, it only occurs as part of a prenasalized bilabial stop with trilled release ...
Bilabial Flap
... The bilabial flap is an uncommon non-rhotic flap ... then, the received transcription of the bilabial flap involves employing the labiodental flap symbol modified by an advanced diacritic ⟨ⱱ̟⟩ ...
Shubi Language
... this speaker this sound was clearly in contrast with a bilabial stop but we suspect that the majority of Shubi speakers make the contrast one of bilabial stop versus labial-labiodental affricate (i.e ... bilabial stop closure followed by a labiodental fricative), rather than bilabial versus labiodental stop ...

More definitions of "bilabial":

  • (noun): A consonant that is articulated using both lips; /p/ or /b/ or /w/.