Big Endian

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Little-endian - Endianness in Files and Byte Swap
... In UTF-32 for example, a big-endian file should start with 00 ... FE FF ... In a little-endian file these bytes are reversed ... "MM" it means that integers are represented as big-endian, while "II" means little-endian ...
Month Day - Date Format - Gregorian Big-endian, Starting With Year (Year-Month-Day)
... It is consistent with the big endianness of the Indian decimal numbering system, which progresses from the highest to the lowest order magnitude ... The big endian convention is also frequently used in Canada, but all three conventions are used there ... It is also extended through the universal big-endian format clock time 9 November 2003, 18h 14m 12s, or 2003/11/9/181412 or (ISO 8601) 2003-11-09T181412 ...
Little-endian - Endianness in Networking
1700 (also known as Internet standard STD 2) has defined its network order to be big endian, though not all protocols do ... The Internet Protocol defines big-endian as the standard network byte order used for all numeric values in the packet headers and by many higher level ... These functions may be a no-op on a big-endian system ...
Deadbeef - Format Indicator - Magic Numbers in Files - Examples
... TIFF files begin with either II or MM followed by 42 as a two-byte integer in little or big endian byte ordering ... II is for Intel, which uses little endian byte ordering, so the magic number is 49. 2A 00 ... MM is for Motorola, which uses big endian byte ordering, so the magic number is 4D 4D 00 2A ...

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