Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly

Benjamin 'Ben' Reilly, also known as the Scarlet Spider, the second Spider-Man, and Spider-Carnage, is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe. Reilly is a clone and ally of Peter Parker (Spider-Man), and is prominent in the "Clone Saga" story arc. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 149 (October 1975).

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Spider-Man's Powers And Equipment - Costumes - Ben Reilly's Costumes
... Benjamin "Ben" Reilly (also known as the Scarlet Spider, the second Spider-Man and Spider-Carnage) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics ... Ben Reilly was the first successful clone of Peter Parker created by the Jackal, as the first clone, Kaine, had suffered from clone degeneration which made him become unstable ... Through arcane science, Ben is imprinted with Peter's memories and in their first encounter believed himself to be the original ...
Raptor (Marvel Comics) - Damon Ryder - Fictional Character Biography
... He had stalked her relatives, the Reilly's, for some time in an attempt to find Ben Reilly, whom he claimed burned down his house and killed his family ... He found Peter Parker, whom Ben was cloned from, and attacked him, believing him to be Ben ... while Peter was distracted at the shock of learning about Ryder's interest in Ben Reilly ...
Peter Parker: Spider-Man - Volume One (1990-1998)
... Clone Saga, becoming one of two Spider-Man titles that shifted focus to the new Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider character. 1996), with Ben Reilly replacing Peter Parker as Spider-Man ... Intended as a permanent change, Reilly's status as the new Spider-Man was cut short when Bob Harras was named new Editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics in February 1996, and ordered the ...
Scarlet Spider (comics) - Ben Reilly
... Ben Reilly was the first Scarlet Spider and was a clone of Spider-Man created by the Jackal, (Miles Warren) ... The clone managed to escape and assumed the alias Ben Reilly, a combination of his Uncle's first name and his Aunt's maiden name ...
Ben Reilly - In Other Media - Video Games
... Ben Reilly's attires appear as alternate costumes for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) where neither costume grants extra abilities in several video games Reilly's Scarlet Spider and Spider-Carnage designs ... In Spider-Man Web of Shadows, Reilly's Scarlet Spider design is an alternate costume for Spider-Man (Parker) while Reilly's Spider-Carnage design is an alternate costume for Parker's symbiote attire ... Reilly's Scarlet Spider attire is one of the alternate costumes for Spider-Man (Peter Parker) in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions ...

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