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  • Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson - At sixteen years old, Ben now wields the immensely strong and powerful Ultimatrix. After his identity was revealed, children and teenagers adore him, while adults view him with suspicion. Due to his intense fame, he comes off as a little cocky and rude in the first few episodes. However, in this series, Ben is in places he has never been before; such as the "Forge of Creation".
  • Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson - At sixteen years old, Gwen is still the level-headed one of the superpowered trio. Continuing to refine the use of both her natural Anodite and magical powers, which both appear to have greatly strengthened and magnified over the past year, Gwen is shown to be a valued member of the team. She also shows deep romantic affection and infatuation towards Kevin.
  • Kevin Ethan Levin - At seventeen years old, Kevin continues to be the arrogant and trouble-making member of the group. Despite questionable antics, Kevin excels far more often, proving to be a true and loyal friend now that he has learned from his past mistakes. After his Omnitrix mutation was cured, Kevin regained his original Osmosian powers and abilities to absorb all numerous types of energy and matter. He can copy any matter he absorbs into an armor. Moreover, learning from his experience, Kevin is also able to temporarily absorb extra mass to greatly strengthen and augment his powers and abilities even further and shapeshift his limbs into makeshift tools and weapons. He can also morph or fuse together the object he absorbed, and he is shown to be able to temporarily transform an object into any matter he has absorbed as long as he remains in contact with the object. He now owns a modified Plumber spaceship in addition to his car.
  • Julie Yamamoto - At sixteen years old, Julie begins to show more interest in the secret identities of Ben and Gwen. Julie still takes care of her pet, Ship, who is the same species as Upgrade. She encourages him not to hide from society even though most adults see him as a problem. Ship can also merge with her to create a super-enhanced galactic battle suit. When inside Ship's armored exoskeleton, Julie is capable of assisting Ben and his friends in battle by blasting bright green energy beams from her hands. The suit also grants her superhuman strength, durability, agility, and reflexes. In addition, Julie also has some skill in hand-to-hand combat, which she calls similar to her tennis training.
  • Maxwell Tennyson - Ben and Gwen's paternal grandfather, who is also a Plumber. He often helps the team on dangerous missions. Max also trains a team of new plumbers who appeared in the Ben 10: Alien Force two-part episode "Vengeance of Vilgax". He is the best Plumber in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Aggregor - A mysterious Osmosian who kidnapped five aliens (Bivalvan, Andreas, P'andor, Ra'ad, and Galapagus) from the Andromeda Galaxy, who then escaped from his ship to Earth. Now he is hunting them down one by one, intent on draining their powers to obtain what he calls "the ultimate prize" which eventually turns him into Ultimate Aggregor. Aggregor currently serves as the main antagonist in season 1, searching for the Map of Infinity which can give the user its power to travel anywhere in seventeen dimensions. In "The Forge of Creation" he is defeated by Kevin Levin who absorbs all of the abilities of the five aliens. It's confirmed that Aggregor was arrested by the Plumbers after the two-part first season finale "Absolute Power".
  • Sir George - An old man related with the new arc who is associated with the Forever Knights and has some connection to Diagon. In "Ben 10,000 Returns", Professor Paradox warns Ben to beware of Sir George. In "The Purge", it is revealed that he is Sir George, the First Knight who founded the order of the Forever Knights. He gathers together the leaders of various factions of the Forever Knights (such as King Driscoll, King Urien, King Patrick, and Enoch) and unites them into a single faction whose mission is to remove all aliens living on Earth by any means necessary (including coldblooded murder). He leaves Driscoll in charge of the Forever Knights while he goes on a quest, and to be ready for his return. The quest involves the prevention of Diagon's escape.
  • Diagon - Also called Dagon by Sir George and the Forever Knights, an extradimensional squid-like alien who has enslaved 100 dimensions. He tried to enslave Earth and the universe at large but was sealed away by the first knight Sir George after he cut out the beast's heart. In the episode "The Creature From Beyond", after Forever Knight Sir Reginald drilled a small crack through the seal, The Diagon sends a Lucubra into Earth to enslave a few humans who formed the Flame Keeper's Circle while under The Diagon's influence.
  • Vilgax - Vilgax returns as Ben's main enemy again. He pretends to serve Diagon so that he can gain all of Diagon's powers.
  • Charmcaster - Charmcaster is a recurring villain from the previous two shows. Her main role in this series is as the queen of Ledgerdomain, the magical dimension. After failing to resurrect her father, Charmcaster gives up on villainy and becomes a sort of frenemy to Gwen, who still wishes to help her through the troubles in her life.

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