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Inside Jokes

Like Get Shorty, Be Cool portrays ironic self-referential gags, intertwining fact and fiction as a comedic device:

  • At the beginning of the film, Chili sees the commercial of Get Lost, which is the sequel to Get Leo, the film within a film he produced in the first film, and shows the unwillingness to produce a sequel despite the fact he is a character being played as in this sequel. The first line of the movie is Chili disgustedly dismissing the commercial.
  • Tommy proposes the idea of making a movie about a young singer who wants to make herself big with the help of a record mogul who makes it happen which becomes the main plot of the film at hand. Almost every factor Tommy mentioned in his pitch, such as gangsta rappers and the Russian Mafia, ends up happening in the film.
  • When the idea is brought up to Steven Tyler, he vehemently rejects the possibility of being in a film and declares that he is not one of those singers who does bit-part cameos in films, despite the fact that that is exactly what he is doing in this film.
  • The one time the word "fuck" is used in the film is talking about the MPAA's policy that "fuck" can only be said once in a PG-13 film without bumping the rating up to R (In this film, Chili uses the word "fuck" once, in the first scene, the line goes: "Unless you are willing to use the R rating you can only say the 'f' word once. You know what I say, fuck that.") For the rest of the film several characters get close to using the swear, but are cut off or censored in some way before they can.

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