Battles Involving The Maratha Empire

Battles Involving The Maratha Empire

The Imperial Maratha Conquests (c. 1659–1761) were a series of conquests in the Indian subcontinent which led to the building of the Maratha Empire. These conquests were started by Shivaji Maharaj in 1659 from the victory at the Battle of Pratapgad. The conquests ended with the eventual fall of the Maratha empire after the three Anglo-Maratha wars.

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Battles Involving The Maratha Empire - Third Anglo-Maratha War
... Main article Third Anglo-Maratha War The Third Anglo-Maratha War (1817–1818) was the final and decisive conflict between the British East India Company and the Maratha Empire ... It began with an invasion of Maratha territory by 1,10,400 British East India Company troops, the largest such British controlled force amassed in India ... It resulted in the formal end of the Maratha empire and firm establishment of the British East India Company in entire India ...

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