Battering Ram (comics)

Battering Ram (comics)

Gailyn Bailey is a child, mutant, and member of the extended "Grey Family" in the Marvel Comics universe.

The character, created by Louise Simonson and Terry Shoemaker, first appeared in X-Factor #35 (December 1988).

Within the context of the stories, Gailyn Bailey is the eldest child of Sara Grey and the niece of Jean Grey.

She and her brother, Joey are abducted and transformed by Nanny into a superhuman duo known as Shatterbox. X-Factor is later able to undo this transformation.

Like her brother, she is a latent mutant and while being hunted by the Sentinels is saved by Roust and X-Man.

She is among the fatalities in the Shi'ar's raid on future Phoenix Force avatars. Before her death, Gailyn and her brother were planning to be adopted by her great-uncle Brian Grey and his wife. Both, along with their natural daughter, perish along with Gailyn and Joey.

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