Based Simulation

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Web-based Simulation - Existing Tools
... AgentSheets – graphically programmed tool for creating web-based The Sims-like simulation games, and for teaching beginner students programming ... tool that generates Java code for discrete event simulation, system dynamics and agent-based models Easy Java Simulations – a tool for modelling and visualization of physical phenomenons, that ... of embedded charts in web pages Lanner Group Ltd L-SIM Server - Java-based discrete event simulation engine which supports model standards such as BPMN 2.0 Nanohub – web 2.0 ...
List Of Computer Simulation Software - Commercial
... ACSL and acslX - Advanced Continuous Simulation Language AMESim - platform to analyze multi-domain, intelligent systems and predict and optimize multi-disciplinary performance ... Developed by LMS International AnyLogic - Multimethod simulation modeling tool for business and science ... Developed by XJ Technologies Arena - simulation and automation software developed by Rockwell Automation AutoCAST - Metal casting design and simulation ...
Simulation Language
... A computer simulation language describes the operation of a simulation on a computer ... There are two major types of simulation continuous and discrete event though more modern languages can handle combinations ... Examples are Discrete event simulation languages, viewing the model as a sequence of random events each causing a change in state ...
Virtual Reality Cue Reactivity - Evolution - Actor-based Simulation
... Another means of establishing a realistic situation is through actor-based simulation ... Though more effective than standard presentation cue response, actor-based simulation is still limited ...

Famous quotes containing the words simulation and/or based:

    Life, as the most ancient of all metaphors insists, is a journey; and the travel book, in its deceptive simulation of the journey’s fits and starts, rehearses life’s own fragmentation. More even than the novel, it embraces the contingency of things.
    Jonathan Raban (b. 1942)

    I want relations which are not purely personal, based on purely personal qualities; but relations based upon some unanimous accord in truth or belief, and a harmony of purpose, rather than of personality. I am weary of personality.... Let us be easy and impersonal, not forever fingering over our own souls, and the souls of our acquaintances, but trying to create a new life, a new common life, a new complete tree of life from the roots that are within us.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)