Bais can refer to:

  • Bais City, a city located in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines
  • Bais, Ille-et-Vilaine, a commune of the Ille-et-Vilaine d├ępartement, in France
  • Bais, Mayenne, a commune of the Mayenne d├ępartement, in France
  • Bais Rajput, a Rajput clan of India

Other articles related to "bais":

Bais Yaakov Machon Academy
... Bais Yaakov Machon Academy (also known as Bais Yaakov Machon) was a high school for Jewish girls ... The school recently changed its name from Machon Academy to Bais Yaakov Machon and its location from Forest Hills to Briarwood ...
Yeshivas Bais Yisroel
... Yeshivas Bais Yisroel, colloquially known as "Bais", is an English-language, Litvish Haredi yeshiva for post-high-school boys located in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel ...
Bandung Alliance International School
... Bandung Alliance International School (BAIS) is located in Kota Baru Parahyangan, a development on the outskirts of Bandung, Indonesia ... As a member of the Network of International Christian Schools since 1995, BAIS is a private, non-profit school primarily serving the international community of Bandung ... BAIS offers an education based on the American philosophy of education from a Christian perspective for students from pre-school through grade 12 ...
Bais Rajputs - Culture - Customs
... destroy one of the clan for the same reason no Bais Rajput will even kill a cobra ... Bais Rajput females can never wear cotton of any colour but white and above their feet and ankles their ornaments must be made of gold ... Amongst the Bais Rajput neither man nor woman, rich or poor, will put a hand to cultivation or labour of any sort ...