Athematic Verbs

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Proto-Indo-European Verbs - Overview
... All of the older Indo-European languages show a complex system of verb conjugation, with verbs conjugated across multiple categories ... in Sanskrit, and even in Ancient Greek the canonical meanings only apply in finite verbs in the indicative mood the categories of present, aorist and ... Verbs could be formed according to multiple conjugations, each with its own way of constructing a given category ...
Indo-European Ablaut - Grammatical Function
... were already ablaut differences within the paradigms of verbs and nouns ... Dative *pr̥-téw-ey zero-grade e-grade An example in a verb *bʰeydʰ- "to wait" (cf ... The vowel change in the Germanic strong verb, for example, is the direct descendant of that seen in the Indo-European verb paradigm ...
Proto-Indo-European Verbs - Conjugations - Present Classes - Primary Present-tense Verbs
... Type 1 Simple athematic verbs Type 1a (normal) with alternating normal-grade, root accent and zero-grade, ending accent Type 1b (Narten) with ... In athematic type, full-grade forms have full grade and accent on the infix/suffix the root itself is always unstressed, zero-grade ... and then a nasal infixed according to type 4a often forms secondary verbs in the daughter languages ...

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    He crafted his writing and loved listening to those tiny explosions when the active brutality of verbs in revolution raced into sweet established nouns to send marching across the page a newly commissioned army of words-on-maneuvers, all decorated in loops, frets, and arrowlike flourishes.
    Alexander Theroux (b. 1940)