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Sanskrit Verbs - Classification of Verbs - Ten gaṇas
... Based on how the present stem is generated from the verb root, Sanskrit has ten classes (or gaṇas) of verbs divided into in two broad groups athematic and thematic. 1 भरति bharati, bears Thematic presents, accent on the root 2 अत्ति asti, eats Athematic root presents 3 ददाति dadāti, puts Reduplicated athematic presents 4 ...

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    There is no mystery in a looking glass until someone looks into it. Then, though it remains the same glass, it presents a different face to each man who holds it in front of him. The same is true of a work of art. It has no proper existence as art until someone is reflected in it—and no two will ever be reflected in the same way. However much we all see in common in such a work, at the center we behold a fragment of our own soul, and the greater the art the greater the fragment.
    Harold C. Goddard (1878–1950)