Artillery Pieces

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Second Battle Of Elephant Pass - Battle
... rebels penetrated the central base, destroying several artillery pieces, tanks, armoured vehicles and ammunition dumps ... The LTTE captured three long-range 152 mm artillery pieces, two 122 mm artillery pieces, 120 ... mm heavy mortars, one 25 mm cannon, several.50-caliber machine guns, hundreds of ...
Battle Of Fort Eben-Emael - Battle - Fort Eben-Emael
... explosive charges to those emplacements on the top of the Fort which housed the artillery pieces that could target the three captured bridges. 18, an artillery observation casemate housing three 75mm artillery pieces was damaged with a light demolition charge and then permanently destroyed with a heavier charge, which collapsed the casemates. 12, a traversing turret holding two more artillery pieces was also destroyed by airborne troops, who then moved to Objective No ...
BL 7.2 Inch Howitzer
... The BL 7.2-inch howitzer Mk.I and subsequent marks were a series of heavy artillery pieces designed by the United Kingdom at the start of World War II ... The weapons were a stop-gap measure to meet the urgent need for heavy artillery faced by the Allies early in World War II ... The BL 7.2 howitzer was unique, in that it was one of the few artillery pieces used by any side throughout World War Two that relied on a triple mechanism of conventional hydraulic recoil tubes ...
Transvaalse Staatsartillerie - History - Early Efforts
... ZAR) to form a professional full-time artillery unit was Batterij Dingaan (Dingaan Battery), which could be seen as the forerunner of the Transvaalse Staatsartillerie ... The use of artillery pieces was not completely foreign to the Boers and that they had used the few that they had to great effect during some battles that occurred during ... prior to the formation of Batterij Dingaan, all artillery units of the ZAR were part-time volunteers, organised under its commando system ...
Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch - Operational History - Operation Ironclad
... and included camouflaged pillboxes, machine-gun nests and dug-in 75 mm artillery pieces the latter, although not specifically designed for an anti-tank role, could penetrate the armour of both the Tetrarchs ... advanced first but were knocked out by artillery fire, and two Tetrarchs that were moving behind them suffered the same fate the third Tetrarch retreated in order to ... to out-flank the line by advancing from the right-hand side, using several hills as cover the artillery pieces were able to turn and face the assault, however, and one Valentine and one ...

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    Crystal Eastman (1881–1928)

    We now demand the light artillery of the intellect; we need the curt, the condensed, the pointed, the readily diffused—in place of the verbose, the detailed, the voluminous, the inaccessible. On the other hand, the lightness of the artillery should not degenerate into pop-gunnery—by which term we may designate the character of the greater portion of the newspaper press—their sole legitimate object being the discussion of ephemeral matters in an ephemeral manner.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1845)