Armbinder - Cuffs, Rods and Straps

Cuffs, Rods and Straps

Another form of armbinder consists of the use of cuffs and straps to hold the arms to the side of the body, or in front or back of the body. A series of cuffs, which can be made from various material such as leather or metal, are placed on the arms at various points such as the wrists and elbows. These cuffs are then linked together with a webbing of straps, or a series of rods, to hold the arms in a particular position. To improve strength, as well as ease of use, all the cuffs and straps are typically linked together, hence why the complete piece of equipment is considered an armbinder. Another form uses a single rod, with the cuffs attached at regular distances down its length, and sometimes also including a collar at the top to hold the rod in place.

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