Arkansas Activities Association - State Championships - Spring Sports - List of Arkansas State High School Girls Tennis Champions

List of Arkansas State High School Girls Tennis Champions

The following is a list of Arkansas state champions in girls tennis:

  • 2011 – LR Central, Jonesboro, HS Lakeside, Valley View, Episcopal Collegiate, Riverside
  • 2010 – LR Central, Jonesboro, HS Lakeside, Pulaski Academy, Episcopal Collegiate, Riverside
  • 2009 – Bentonville, Jonesboro, HS Lakeside, Arkadelphia, Episcopal Collegiate, Union Christian
  • 2008 – Mount St. Mary, Jonesboro, Greenwood, Jonesboro Westside, Episcopal Collegiate, Riverside
  • 2007 – Bentonville, Jonesboro, HS Lakeside, Jonesboro Westside, Bismarck, Parkers Chapel
  • 2006 – Bentonville, Jonesboro, HS Lakeside, Highland, Bergman, Parkers Chapel
  • 2005 – Bentonville, Siloam Springs, Pulaski Academy, Bergman
  • 2004 – LR Central, Greenwood, Pulaski Academy, Bergman
  • 2003 – (Fall) FS Southside, HS Lakeside, Pulaski Academy, LR Christian
  • 2003 – LR Central, HS Lakeside, Fountain Lake, tie, Jessieville-PB St. Joseph
  • 2002 – Mount St. Mary, HS Lakeside, Cave City, PB St. Joseph
  • 2001 – LR Central, HS Lakeside, Valley View, PB St. Joseph
  • 2000 – Mount St. Mary, HS Lakeside, tie-Drew Central-Valley View, Shiloh Christian
  • 1999 – Mount St. Mary, tie-HS Lakeside-Hot Springs, Fountain Lake, Jessieville
  • 1998 – Mount St. Mary, HS Lakeside, Fountain Lake, Shiloh Christian
  • 1997 – Jonesboro, HS Lakeside, tie-Fountain Lake-Paris, Shiloh Christian
  • 1996 – FS Southside, HS Lakeside, Highland, tie-Shiloh ChristianMulberry
  • 1995 – Jonesboro, HS Lakesides, tie-Brinkley-Atkins, East Poinsett County
  • 1994 – Bentonville, HS Lakeside, Pulaski Academy, tie-HamptonPottsville
  • 1993 – Bentonville, tie-Hot Springs-Crossett, tie-Warren-Atkins, East Poinsett County
  • 1992 – North Little Rock, tie-Searcy-Batesville, Pulaski Academy
  • 1991 – North Little Rock, tie-Searcy-Crossett, Pulaski Academy
  • 1990 – NLR Northeast, HS Lakeside, Highland
  • 1989 – NLR Northeast, HS Lakeside, Pulaski Academy
  • 1988 – NLR Northeast, HS Lakeside, Pulaski Academy
  • 1987 – FS Southside, tie-HS Lakeside-Cabot, tie-Pulaski AcademyHighland-Shirley
  • 1986 – tie-LR McClellan-Texarkana, Crossett, Fountain Lake
  • 1985 – tie-LR McClellan-Texarkana, Crossett, Fountain Lake
  • 1984 – MR Mount St. Mary, Crossett, Fountain Lake
  • 1983 – LR Hall, Jonesboro, Batesville, Fountain Lake
  • 1982 – LR Central, tie-Fayetteville-Jonesboro, Batesville, Fountain Lake
  • 1981 – tie-LR Central-FS Northside, LR Mount St. Mary, Batesville, Pulaski Academy
  • 1980 – Pine Bluff, LR Mount St. Mary, Batesville, Pulaski Academy
  • 1979 – Pine Bluff, Texarkana
  • 1978 – NA
  • 1977 – NA
  • 1976 – Pine Bluff, Earle
  • 1975 – LR Mount St. Mary
  • 1974 – LR Parkview
  • 1973 – LR Hall
  • 1972 – LR Hall
  • 1971 – tie-LR Hall-Pine Bluff

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