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In Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Ariel accepts her Invid heritage, attempts to convince the Regis that humans and invid can coexist. Some time after the Invid depart she receives a premonition of the impending arrival of the "children of the shadow", an ancient enemy of the Invid that are responsible for the destruction of Optera (the Invid homeworld). She has a premonition and immediately teleports herself onto the Icarus to seek out Scott to warn him that his fleet, and the earth face a new alien threat. The Children of the Shadows, who the REF known as the Haydonites, have been plotting the destruction of anyone using protoculture, specifically the Invid and now the Humans. After the discovery that Ariel is an Invid, Scott is interrogated and is accused of conspiring with the enemy. Scott insists that Ariel is not the enemy but rather is trying to warn the REF that the Haydonites, who are supposedly their allies as they have given the REF shadow technology, are in fact already plotting their destruction. However, Captain Vince Grant refuses to believe him, as does Marcus Rush, who physically assaults Scott over his relationship with Ariel. Marcus, whose sister (and Scott's fiance) Marlene was killed by the Invid in the 21st Mars division assault on Earth in 2042, can't believe Scott is in love with Ariel. Marcus maintains that all Invid are evil and must be exterminated. It is only when the Haydonite fleet attacks the REF at Space Station Liberty that everyone realizes that Ariel is telling the truth. Unfortunately, the delay results in the destruction of a large number of REF ships by the Haydonites. The shadow technology given to the REF by the Haydonites contains concealed weaknesses which they use to easily incapacitate the REF fleet.

During the mission to evacuate Space Station Liberty, Scott finally admits (as Ariel prepares to teleport to rescue pilot Marcus Rush) that he loves Ariel. As Marcus, who decides he has nothing left to live for, launches a suicide run against the Haydonites to hold them off to protect Maia Sterling and the Ark Angel, Ariel uses her teleportation ability to save Marcus' life just before the detonation of the Neutron-S missiles. Marcus later awakens on board the Ark Angel and, shocked that he is still alive, asks Ariel why she saved his life since he has only hatred for the Invid. Ariel responds that "hatred can only breed more hatred. It is not what we seek... any of us." Later, Scott says to Ariel that Marcus owes her his life. Ariel responds "Perhaps now it will make him value the lives of others."

Ariel decides to join the crew of the Ark Angel as it begins its search for the SDF-3. As the Ark Angel enters Earth's atmosphere, Ariel and Scott share their first kiss.

As an evolved invid, Ariel has certain abilities that are unavailable to the humans that she resembles. She is able to transform herself into a beam of energy and travel near-instantaneously to another location - even places she hasn't been to yet. She is also able to bring others with her when she travels in this fashion. She can also see visions of things of future events, and can share these visions with others by touching them. As of this time, Ariel is the only human-form Invid who has displayed these abilities. Other human-form Invid, such as Sera and Corg, have not yet displayed any abilities that would set them apart from the humans that they physically resemble.

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