Araki may refer to:

  • An Ethiopian liquor; see Ethiopian cuisine
  • Araki Island, an island in Vanuatu
    • Araki language, the language spoken on that island
  • Araki (comics)
  • Araki (surname)

Other articles related to "araki":

Shingo Araki
... Shingo Araki (荒木 伸吾, Araki Shingo?, January 1, 1939 – December 1, 2011) was a Japanese animation artist and character designer ...
Masahiro Araki - Star
... Araki improved significantly in 2004, batting.292/.322/.349, stealing 39 bases in 48 tries and scored 93 runs ... That year, Araki and Greg LaRocca tied for the CL Best Nine at second base it was the first tie ever in voting for a Best Nine in NPB history ... In 2005, Araki's batting line was.291/.332/.345 he scored 88 runs and stole 42 bases in 53 tries ...
Carrie Alexander - Araki
... Further reading Araki at the Marvel Universe wiki Araki on Marvel Database, a Marvel Comics wiki Araki at the Comic Book DB Araki at the Grand Comics Database Araki is ... Araki defended the Shi'ar throne against an impending coup against Lilandra by her sister Deathbird, the Brood, and the rogue Admiral Lord Samedar this event cost him his life at the hands of the ... This was not the end of Araki ...
Araki Island - Language
... The native inhabitants of Araki Island speak a unique language, called Araki after the island ... Today, there are about 5 native speakers of Araki language ... out in Bislama or Tangoa, and only occasionally in Araki language ...